Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This week we opened up a new unit next to the two (unit 16 and 18) that I had been working on over the past few weeks. Kim said that she wanted to see whether the brick path continues off and also to check for further possible findings near the pipe trench. I started by helping lay out the grid dimensions then we proceeded to dig. I find working on the units much easier than the shovel test pits (STPs). The main reason is that the units are bigger than the STPs so there is more space to maneuver around and hence easier to dig through within a shorter period of time. There were three of us working on the new unit and so we were able to take it down relatively quick. As I expected from the findings of units 16 and 18, the new unit turned up similar artifacts like glass fragments and brick pieces. Due to rain from earlier in the week, the soil was softer than normal so that was another reason why we were able to work through this faster.
I have noticed that students passing by the site on their way to class occasionally take interest in what we are doing in the middle of campus digging at a seemingly insignificant place. However, most of the people just walk by without any concern. I think that the Cheney House project should be better publicized on campus so that students can be more aware of the history at Cal. It will also help to rally more support in maintaining and restoring the site if the need arises. I am also sure that much of the people walking by would like to know more of what we are currently doing and it would be a great way to better inform them. I am really looking forward when the project is more complete so that we can give tours and integrate the historical information with the physically tangible remains.

Lin Wu


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